Zeegolven (2021)

Zeegolven (2021)

In 2021, I searched for the representation of the sea. Because memories of and experiences with this place vary widely, I chose to create images from different approaches and experimented with techniques. The result is a collection of works about calm, beauty and simplicity, but also mystery and fear.

One approach is based on the figure from KNMI's publication Zeegolven (1949) by Dr. P. Groen and Dr. R. Dorrestein (p. 19). The figure shows the propagation of a single wave motion, consisting of thirteen snapshots at time intervals of 1/12 period each. The schematic representation of a wave inspired me to create a large, experimental work. In the darkroom I made photograms, prints of materials placed directly on light-sensitive paper and then exposed, representing the time intervals. Reproductions of these photograms make up the installation, which could expand endlessly in any direction.

Installation of one hundred and fifty prints
Reproductions of photograms
240 x 330 cm

This installation was on show at iCOON, Hoek van Holland, as part of my solo exhibition 'Het landschap dat ik ken' from September 2021 to February 2022 (photo by Aad Hoogendoorn).

Zeegolven at iCOON

This installation is based on the figure from the publication Zeegolven (1949) of the KNMI by Dr. P. Groen and Dr. R. Dorrestein (p. 19).

Figure from the publication Zeegolven (1949)
Zeegolven (1949)